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Video Details

Additional information about your videos helps keep your library organized and helps your audience discover the content you create. To learn more about adding video details, click the articles below.

Video Overview
Videos are the heart and soul of your business, and they should be organ...
Zype Product Team Zype Product Team
Adding & Editing Video Details
Adding details to your videos is a great way to organize and manage your...
Michael Smith Michael Smith
Bulk Edit Videos
Sometimes you may want to change the metadata or categorize multiple vid...
Michael Smith Michael Smith
Customizing Video Thumbnails
When you upload a video from your web browser, Zype will automatically g...
Andy Zheng Andy Zheng
How to schedule videos for publishing and sunsetting
In this article, you'll learn how to use Zype to schedule videos for pub...
Chris Smith Chris Smith
Configure Landscape, Poster or Square Style Thumbnails for Videos
You can configure Landscape, Poster or Square style thumbnails in the Zy...
Chris Smith Chris Smith
Adding a Preview or Trailer to a Video
A preview or trailer can be added to a video that has been uploaded to y...
Michael Smith Michael Smith
Library Overview
The library is where you'll find your complete collection of video conte...
Michael Smith Michael Smith
Video Thumbnails: Add Images To Your Video
Depending on the types of videos you import and upload, the Zype platfor...
Lauren Weis Lauren Weis