Adding & Editing Video Details Adding & Editing Video Details

Adding & Editing Video Details

Adding details to your videos is a great way to organize and manage your content. Details also makes it effortless for your audience to discover your videos. Below you'll find easy to follow guides to adding and editing video details.

Step 1

Click "Library" from Zype's menu. Then search for and select the video you would like to edit. 



Step 2

The video will open into the "details" tab. Here you can add or edit the items below and more.

  • Video Title - There is a 47 character limit across Mobile and CTV endpoints
  • Description - There is space for 135 characters on Connected TV endpoints before users need to expand to see more characters 
  • Keywords 
  • Episode number
  • Active status


Step 3

Once you're done making changes please click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.