Bulk Edit Videos Bulk Edit Videos

Bulk Edit Videos

Sometimes you may want to change the metadata or categorize multiple videos at once. With the Zype platform, you can bulk edit videos so you don't have to edit each video individually. This is helpful if you would like to reassign videos from one category to another or set a group of videos active/inactive.

Step 1

Go to "Library" on Zype's navigation menu. 

Step 2

Select the videos you would like to edit by checking the boxes in front of each title.


If you wish you select all the videos on a page, you can do so by checking the box on the top left, next to "Title".


Step 3

Once you select the videos you want to edit, the “Update” option will appear, select this option and choose all the specifications you desire. You can select several specifications at once, in this example, we’re going to move the selected videos to the Argentina category.

If you are updating how videos are categorized there are 3 options:

  • Add Values: Add the updates to the existing metadata.
  • Replace Values: Remove the existing metadata with the update you're making.
  • Clear Values: Clear the values within the existing metadata.

You can also bulk edit the current Active status of the videos you previously selected to Yes or No, according to what you need. Once selected the corresponding option, click on the Apply Updates button to proceed with the change.

Another option that Zype’s platform provides is “Delete Videos”, this will remove the selected videos from your library, be aware that this change cannot be reverted, so always be sure to select only the videos you definitely want to take out of your library.