Customizing Video Thumbnails Customizing Video Thumbnails

Customizing Video Thumbnails

When you upload a video from your web browser, Zype will automatically generate thumbnails for you. Zype retrieves these thumbnails from your source and displays them when the video is played on your OTT apps. If you do not like the auto-generated thumbnails, you may change them following the steps below.

Thumbnails should keep a 16:9 aspect ratio. They must be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, and not be more than 10 MB in size.

Note: The larger the pixel size of the thumbnail, the slower the load time. So we suggest approximately 854px x 480px in dimension while maintaining a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

  1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Library.

  2. On your Video Library, click the Edit button to the right of the video with the thumbnails to be customized.

  3. Click the Thumbnails tab.

  4. Under the Custom Thumbnail section, click the Upload button. 

  5. Select the thumbnail image from your computer, then upload it to Zype. The custom thumbnail is then displayed under the Thumbnail Preview box.

  6. To upload more thumbnails, click the Add Image button under the Related Images section.

  7. Click Save Changes.