Adding a Preview or Trailer to a Video Adding a Preview or Trailer to a Video

Adding a Preview or Trailer to a Video

A preview or trailer can be added to a video that has been uploaded to your Video Library. To do this, follow the steps below: 

  1. Log into your Zype account.

  2. On the Zype Admin dashboard, click Video Library. Alternatively, on the Zype navigation menu, click Library.



  3. From your Video Library, click the title of the video you want to add a preview to. Alternatively, click the Edit button to the right.

  4. On the Edit Video page, click the Preview tab.

  5. Click the +Choose Video button, then select the video's trailer from your Zype Library.

    Note: You will have to upload a preview/trailer as its own video object to the platform. Only self-hosted and Zype-hosted videos are supported for preview/trailers.  

In case you need to update the trailer, e.g. a new trailer for the video becomes available, repeat Steps 1-4 above, click the Remove Preview button, then perform Step 5.

Good To Know

The Preview feature is currently supported via embeddables, /videos API endpoint, Zype Plugin for WordPress, Roku, Amazon Fire TV (Java based) and Apple TV.

Example of "Watch Trailer" on Roku below.