How to schedule videos for publishing and sunsetting How to schedule videos for publishing and sunsetting

How to schedule videos for publishing and sunsetting

In this article, you'll learn how to use Zype to schedule videos for publishing and sunsetting. This is useful when you have content licensing agreements that require you to support windowing of content availability, or you want to upload videos in your Zype account and then pre-schedule them for release on a specific date and time.

Schedule Videos for Future Publishing

After uploading or importing a video to Zype, you can visit that video's settings page and schedule to make it active at a future date.

Step 1 - Make sure video is not already active

First, you'll want to make sure the video is not already active. Go to the 'Details' tab and scroll to the "Active" flag. Make sure this is turned OFF.

Step 2 - Set an Enable At date for the future

Now that the video is inactive, you can set an "Enable At" date for the future to designate when the video should be made active. This will automatically set the video as active on the date and time specified in the "Enable At" field.

Step 3 - Make the video available on your website and/or apps on the activation date

You can use Zype's embed code to add the video to your website on the specified "Enable At" date. Ideally, you'll want to schedule the embed to go live to coincide with the Enable At date and time, as displaying the video embed prior to making the video active will display an error message to the user.

However, you can visit Site Settings > Player Messaging to customize your inactive video error message to more accurately reflect the future availability of the video.

New inactive video error message:

Schedule Videos for Future Sunsetting

Similar to how we scheduled a video for future publishing, you can also schedule videos for future sunsetting.

To do this, you'll want to add a future date and time to the "Disable At" field on a video's details tab.

When the "Disable At" date has been reached, the video will automatically be made inactive. Please take caution to ensure the Disable At date is set beyond the Enable At date, so your content windowing schedule is being managed properly.