The Video Insights View provides a detailed performance analysis of individual videos, including a visual display of how users are engaging with your videos from how long to when they exit. 

Key Video Statistics

First select between Video ID (this is your Zype video id) or Asset Name. Then, move over to the other dropdown and select the individual video that you would like to analyze. 

You'll see key metrics displayed for the video that you have selected as defined by the global time and dimension filters.


Timeline Charts

Explore the selected engagement metric over time, by hour of the day or by day of the week. This data can help you determine the most popular time of day to release or premiere new content. 



Viewership Overlap Analysis

This chart allows you to compare two videos and determine how many of your viewers did or did not engaged with both. To get started, select another asset name or video id from the dropdown to view comparison metrics. 


Playtime Distribution

This chart displays the total duration of video viewing that viewers completed for that individual video.


Audience Dropoff

This chart displays how much of the video in terms of percentage your viewers are completing. 


Exporting Data

Click the 3-bar icon Screen_Shot_2021-03-03_at_12.47.54_PM.png at the top right corner of each report to export the data either as a PNG image of the chart or as a CSV of the structured data.