The Analysis View allows you to easily compare content performance against previous day, weeks or months.

Definition of Metrics

  • Plays: Each time at least one frame of a video is served to a viewer. This count excludes unsuccessful attempts. 
  • Sessions: Ongoing Play events over the selected time and date range. It is expected that Sessions count will exceed Play events.
  • Playtime (min): Total duration a video was played. This includes buffering events and seek behavior.
  • Unique Viewers: Number of individual viewers who watch at least one video.

Quick Statistics 

Select a metric from the dropdown to see your top line statistics, and see the metric compared against Yesterday, Last Week, or Last Month.


Comparison Chart

Enable the slider Screen_Shot_2021-03-23_at_8.06.36_PM.png to compare the selected metric as an overlay chart of Today vs Yesterday, This Week vs Last Week, or This Month vs Last Month.

Click the 3-bar icon Screen_Shot_2021-03-03_at_12.47.54_PM.png at the top right corner of each report to export the data either as a PNG image of the chart or as a CSV of the structured data. 



Top Trends Table

The Top Trends table takes the metric that you have selected above in the "Quick Statistics" section and compares it against another metric of your choice. In the example below, we're ordering the table by Asset Name and comparing it by Sessions and Plays. 


Click the export button Screen_Shot_2021-03-23_at_8.11.18_PM.png to download a CSV of the data.