Advanced Analytics Overview Advanced Analytics Overview

Advanced Analytics Overview

Advanced Analytics is Zype's new generation of video and distribution data collections, providing a range of real-time and historical analytics.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Content Analytics
  • Multi-Device Data Aggregation 
  • Live and VOD Data
  • Video-Level Drop Off Analysis
  • Metric Leaderboards
  • Custom Report Exports

Available Views

Content Performance 

  • Trends: Quick key time-based metrics related to video viewership and engagement.
  • Analysis: Compare content performance against different periods of time. 
  • Distribution: Break down key dimensions based on distribution factors such as Device, Network Type and Platform.
  • Video Insights: Explore individual video engagement metrics over time and by day of the week.
  • Data Explorer: Leaderboard tables with multiple dimensions of data.
  • Report: Select key metrics and export the custom data. 

Prerequisites for Using Advanced Analytics

  • Access to a Zype account in good standing
  • Must use Zype's web player

Data availability across the reports. 

Advanced Analytics data will be available for 6 months across all the reports, after this timeframe, the data will no longer be available for download or revision across the Zype admin system. 

How to Get Started

Contact your Zype account manager or our support team if you already have a Zype account and are interested in enabling Advanced Analytics.