The Trends View provides quick key metrics related to video viewership and engagement.

All reports can be filtered by both time and dimensions for custom breakdowns and analytics charting capabilities. When using Real Time, the view will update every minute with new data.

Definition of Metrics

  • Plays: Each time at least one frame of a video is served to a viewer. This count excludes unsuccessful attempts. 
  • Sessions: Ongoing Play events over the selected time and date range. It is expected that Sessions count will exceed Play events.
  • Playtime (min): Total duration a video was played. This includes buffering events and seek behavior.
  • Errors: Total number of fatal, in-stream and warning messages during video playback.
  • EBVS (%): Exits Before Video Starts; indicates the percentage of video playback sessions that were abandoned by the viewer before the first frame of the video is played. This excludes playback failures due to Errors.
  • Unique Viewers: Number of individual viewers who watch at least one video.

Playback Metrics Report

Quick top line data filterable by time and custom date range. 


Plays Report


Sessions Report


Playtime Report


Unique Viewers


Exporting Data

Click the 3-bar icon Screen_Shot_2021-03-03_at_12.47.54_PM.png at the top right corner of each report to export the data either as a PNG image of the chart or as a CSV of the structured data.