Distribution View Distribution View

Distribution View

The Distribution View provides a breakdown of key dimensions based on distribution factors such as device, platform and browser type.

Begin by selecting your dimension at the top of the Distribution View:


Definition of Dimensions

  • Sessions: Ongoing Play events over the selected time and date range. It is expected that Sessions count will exceed Play events.
  • Plays: Each time at least one frame of a video is served to a viewer. This count excludes unsuccessful attempts. 
  • Playtime (min): Total duration a video was played. This includes buffering events and seek behavior.
  • Traffic: Volume of data downloaded as a session is viewed.
  • Unique Viewers: Number of individual viewers who watch at least one video.

Device Report


Network Type Report


Platform Report


Browser Report


Trending Titles Report


Exporting Data

Click the 3-bar icon Screen_Shot_2021-03-03_at_12.47.54_PM.png at the top right corner of each report to export the data either as a PNG image of the chart or as a CSV of the structured data.