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Create a Manual or Category Playlist Follow

Playlists are collections of videos that you assemble under a title. You can then serve them to OTT and mobile apps, or embed bundled content to your site using web embeds.

Examples: Trending Videos, Most Popular, and Editor’s Choice.

There are two types of playlists you can create in Zype:

  1. Manual playlists, or playlists that you need to manually add videos to. This is the default option.
  2. Category playlists, or playlists that are automatically populated with videos categories based on assigned category values.


To Create a Playlist

To bundle videos into a playlist, you need to first create the playlist.

1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Playlists.


2. On the Playlists page, click New Playlist.


3. On the Playlist Details page, enter a title, a URL-friendly title, and a description for the playlist.

NOTE: A URL-friendly title, also known as a search engine-friendly title, can be used to query for playlists using our Playlist API, documentation on which is available here.

4. Toggle the Active button to On.


NOTE: An active playlist can be viewed anywhere you post your content. An inactive playlist will not be visible on apps or on the web.

5. The next step is to determine if you are creating a category or manual playlist. Follow the necessary set of directions below based on your playlist requirements.


To Create a Category-based Playlist

On the Dynamically Add Videos by Category section, the No thanks, I’ll manually add videos to this playlist box is selected by default.

1. To dynamically add videos to the playlist instead, check the Yes, I’d like to dynamically add videos to this playlist by selecting category values box.

NOTE: Dynamic playlists are automatically populated based on the categories and category values currently available on your Zype account.


2. Check the boxes next to the categories you want to pull videos from. Based on your selection, videos belonging to those categories will be automatically added to the playlist.


3. By default, videos that meet ANY of the video categories you selected in Step 2 will be added to the playlist. For example, if you select comedy, horror, thriller, and Entreprenuer, any video with one of those vategory values tagged will poluate the playlist.

If you want to add videos that meet ALL the selected video categories, click the Match ALL category values selected box instead. For example, if the playlist is populating with content from comedy, horror, thriller, and Entrepreneur, the video must have all category values assigned to it to populate the playlist.


4. Click Save Changes. This will take you back to the Playlists page, where your newly-created playlist is now added to the list.

If you have chosen to create a manual playlist, you need to add videos to the playlist next.

Otherwise, you do not have to do anything else, as the videos which correspond to the Playlist categories will be automatically added to the playlist.

NOTE: You will have to manually update videos and manage the playlist if this option is chosen. There is no way to alter a Playlist from manual to Dynamic, or vice versa.


To Create a Manual Playlist

If you choose to create a manual playlist, it will remain empty until you add videos to it. Thus, the next step is to add videos to your manual playlist.

1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Playlists.

2. On the Playlists page, look for the manual playlist you want to add videos to, then click the Manage Videos button to the right of the playlist.

Note: You can also add videos by clicking Manage Videos within the Playlist details page


3. Click Add Videos.


4. On the Add Video to Playlist window, you’ll see any uploaded videos here. To add your preferred videos, select them from the list.

If you have a large library, enter a keyword on the Search bar, click Search, then select the video that matches the keyword.

If you haven’t uploaded videos to your library before, you may upload a new video by clicking the Upload link at the top. For more details, see Uploading Videos from your Web Browser.

adding_vid_to_playlist.png5. Once you finish adding videos to the playlist, click Close.

Now that you’ve added videos to the playlist, and if the playlist is active, the videos in the playlist can be viewed anywhere you post your content. Any videos that are set to inactive inside the playlist will not be available for consumers to watch.



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