Playlists Overview Playlists Overview

Playlists Overview

Playlists are collections of videos that you assemble under a title. They are great for bundling sets of videos that you can then embed on the Web, and use on OTT apps.

To View the Playlist Page

Playlists can be accessed from the main Playlist page.  To view the Playlist page, on the Zype navigation menu, click Playlists.


You can view all your existing playlists and perform the following actions from the Playlists page:

  • Create a new playlist
  • Search for playlists by title, category, and status
  • Update status and/or category of individual playlists
  • Mass update status and/or category of two or more playlists
  • Create and manage nested playlist relationships
  • Set smart ordering rules or manually order playlists
  • Create a copy of a playlist
  • Edit a playlist
  • Delete a playlist

Creating a Playlist

There are two types of playlists you can create on Zype:

1. Manual playlists, or playlists that require manually adding videos to.

2. Category playlists, or playlists that are automatically populated with videos from categories you set during the playlist creation process.

To create a new playlist, click the Add Playlist button near the search control. For more details, see Creating a Playlist.


Searching for a Playlist

On the Search bar near the top left of the Playlists page, to search for a specific playlist, enter the title of the playlist you are searching for, then click on the magnifying class or press enter.


To limit your search by category, click the Filters button to the right of the Search box. You may search for playlists by a specific category, or any combination of categories.

To limit your search by status (Active or Inactive), click the Active button that's to the right of the Filters button, then select either Yes, or Active, or No, or Inactive.

To Update Status and/or Category of Individual Playlists

You can update the status and/or category of individual playlists by checking the box to the left of a playlist, then clicking the Update button to the immediate right of the Add Playlist button.


To Mass Update Status and/or Category of Playlists

To update status and category of all playlists, check the topmost box on the left to select all your playlists, then click the Update button to the immediate right of the Add Playlist button.


Creating and Managing Nested Playlist Relationships

You can organize your playlists into nested playlist relationships. This allows you to display multiple levels of playlist content within a primary playlist. For example, you might nest playlists such as Sketch Comedy, Musical Comedy, and Stand-Up Comedy within a parent Comedy playlist.

To create nested playlists, click the Manage Relationships button above the Filters and Active buttons. For more details, see Managing Playlist Relationships.


To Create a Copy of a Playlist

To create a an exact copy of a playlist, click the Copy Playlist button, which is the second button from the right of the playlist.


To Delete a Playlist

1. Search for the playlist to delete.

2. When you find the playlist, click the Delete button to its right.

3. Click OK on the confirmation message to permanently delete the playlist from the Playlists page.