Managing Playlist Relationships Managing Playlist Relationships

Managing Playlist Relationships

Playlists are collections of videos that you assemble under a title. They are great for bundling sets of videos that you can then embed on the Web, and use on OTT apps. For more details on creating playlists, see Creating a Playlist.

You can organize your playlists into nested playlist relationships. This allows you to display multiple levels of playlist content within a primary playlist. For example, you might nest playlists such as Sketch Comedy, Musical Comedy, and Stand-Up Comedy within a parent Comedy playlist.   

Nested playlists are handy for organizing your content in app endpoints that support this content structure.

To manage playlist relationships, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Playlists.
  2. On the Playlists page, click Manage Relationships.


  3. On the Manage Relationships page, identify the primary playlist that will serve as the parent playlist for your content. This will be the playlist that always lives at the top of your nested playlist structure, and will be used by your apps to host content. This playlist must not have videos in it.

    WARNING! Avoid deleting the primary playlist. If you have a live app using this playlist to display your content and the playlist is deleted, your app will no longer display any content. 

  4. Drag the parent playlists underneath and to the right of the primary playlist.
  5. Drag the nested playlists underneath and to the right of the parent playlists.

    As an example, the screenshot below shows a primary playlist named My Playlist, with Outdoors as the parent and Water, Fire, and Mountains as the nested playlists.


  6. Once you have set relationships among your playlists, you can drag and drop the parent playlists, and set their desired order. By dragging the parent playlists, the nested playlists will be pulled to the correct position underneath the parent playlist.

NOTE: The playlists on your OTT and mobile app endpoints will appear in the same order as your playlists on the Manage Relationships page.

Key Points to Remember

  1. Playlists can contain either videos or nested playlists to display properly on your endpoint apps, but cannot contain both. Parent playlists will host nested playlists while child playlists will host videos (see the screenshot below for an example).


  2. If you delete a parent playlist, the nested playlists underneath will not be deleted from Zype. However, they will not appear on your app endpoint until they are re-nested into the desired parent playlist, or set as parent playlists themselves.