Bulk Edit Playlists Bulk Edit Playlists

Bulk Edit Playlists

You have the ability to bulk edit your playlist's categories and active status. This can be helpful when you need to re-categorize several playlists or set a group of playlists active or inactive.


Step 1

Navigate to your Playlist library in the Zype’s navigation bar.


Step 2

Select the checkbox located in front of the title of the playlists you want to edit, if you want to modify All the playlists within your library, mark the checkbox at the left of the Title field.

Step 3

Click on the Update option, and choose all the specifications you desire. If you are updating the Active status at the very bottom of the list there is an "Apply Updates" button to activate your changes.

If you are updating how playlists are categorized there are two options:

  • Add Values: Add the updates to the existing metadata
  • Replace Values: Remove the existing metadata with the update you're making.

If you are successful, you’ll get an alert on the top right corner of your screen.