Editing Items in the Timeline Editing Items in the Timeline

Editing Items in the Timeline


Once assets are added to the Timeline, they are called “items” and you can drag them freely to determine the future start time. You will not be able to edit items that begin in the past, however you can use the priority track to override past programmed content that bleeds into the future if you wish. See also Priority Smart Insertion.

When editing items programmed in the Timeline, you can edit start time, end time, duration and other details. To adjust start or end time, simply select the Track Item and drag and drop to match the desired start or end time. For more granular programming, you can manually set the start or end time - to the second - using the Inspector Panel. See also Editing Start and End Time in the Inspector Panel

To clip an item (decrease duration) you can hover over the right or left edge of the item in the Timeline for the double arrows to appear. Dragging the item edge in will allow you to clip the beginning or the end of the asset. You can re-expand the item at any time using the same double arrows if you decide you’d like to return to the original length. You will not be able to expand an asset beyond its original duration. See also Editing Start and End Offset in the Inspector Panel.

To edit a program block title or description, view the block in the Inspector Panel by selecting it from the Asset Panel or timeline and expand the Metadata section.  


When editing content within a program block, first ungroup the block, make the desired programming updates, and then regroup. Your original block will still appear in your Assets list, so be sure to title your updated block accordingly. See also Creating Program Blocks and Ungrouping Items in the Timeline.

Edit item positioning in the Timeline by selecting the item and dragging to the desired position. Items will automatically “snap” to align with nearby programmed items or hash marks. To disable the “snap to hash” functionality, hold the Option key down on Mac (Alt key on Windows) and then select your item to drag. As you edit, you can use the Zoom in feature for more granular programming. See also Zoom Granularity.

You can select and move multiple items at the same time as well. To achieve this, hold down Shift and select all the items you would like to move. Then, click on any of the selected assets and drag them to your desired location.

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