Reverting to a Previous Version Reverting to a Previous Version

Reverting to a Previous Version

Channel versions are created each time a change is saved on your draft channel. Every change, every save, is another version of the draft. You’ll notice in the Change History dropdown list shows the entire history of changes, allowing you to revert to the earliest iteration of your draft channel at any time. You can use scroll or the arrows at the bottom of the change history dropdown list to easily navigate to earlier iterations.

You can revert to a previous version by selecting the Revert icon in the Change History dropdown list. Reverting will return to a previous version before the last changes were made. This will erase any of the work that was saved on the most recent version. Use caution when reverting to past versions because if you choose to proceed with reverting, this cannot be undone

Because reverting to a previous version is irreversible, you’ll be prompted to confirm this action before it completes. Any changes made to revert will show a change status of saving (save icon) or completed (green check icon), just as making changes to edit or add content will. 

Remember: once a channel is published, the Change History history is reset. You will not be able to revert to any “pre-published” draft versions of a channel after it is published. You can, however, edit a published channel at any time by selecting “Edit Timeline” from the All Channels view. This will create a new draft for you to work from, and begin a new list of versions in your Change History. 

Your new draft must be published in order for changes to be reflected in the published state of the channel.