Priority Smart Insertion Priority Smart Insertion

Priority Smart Insertion

Priority track content will supplant base track programming using Smart Insertion, a technique that allows you to override base track programming when you add an asset to the priority track. 


Smart Insertion provides visual cues on the base track to indicate content that will no longer be played as a result of this override, and show “gaps” for any air time that is no longer filled with programmed content. If you choose not to program gaps, your fallback slate will automatically play during this time.


For example, when you add a priority track video over a base track playlist, you will see indicators on the base track playlist illustrating which parts within the playlist will play as programmed, which parts will be overridden, and where you now have programming “gaps”. See also Filling Gaps Creating During Priority Smart Insertion.

As mentioned, gaps do not indicate dead air; if you have set a fallback slate, the slate will play during any non-programmed gaps. If you have not set a fallback slate, the Zype-branded fallback slack will play for the duration of the gap. See also Configuring a New Channel.