Creating Program Blocks Creating Program Blocks

Creating Program Blocks

Program Blocks are groups of pre-programmed content that can be repeated and reused within a single channel or across multiple channels. Program Blocks are a great way to curate content to a specified length of time and reuse for future quick programming decisions. For example, you can combine several videos, playlists, and ads into a single 4-hour block that will be added to your Asset list. You are then free to program this block in any of your channels. 

You can combine assets added to your timeline to create a single “program block” by selecting the desired items in the Timeline (hold Shift to select more than one) and selecting “Create Program Block”. Here you can add a reference title to your block. 

Once created, this program block will now appear in your Asset Panel. You can filter by asset type = block to see all program blocks you’ve created. Program blocks can also be expanded in the Asset Panel to reveal contents by selecting the expand arrow to the left of the block title. 

Selecting the program block in either the Asset panel or Timeline view will allow you to see the block details in the Inspector Panel, including Properties where you can update your title, description and Assets where you can see the content list of your program block.


To learn more about how to edit program blocks, see also Editing Items in the Timeline.

To learn more about how to ungroup items in a program block, see also Ungrouping Items in the Timeline.