Setting up Live Multicasting in Zype Setting up Live Multicasting in Zype

Setting up Live Multicasting in Zype

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Step 1 - Ensure your account has access to Zype Live and Live Multicasting

First, you'll need to have access to Zype Live and have a premium or enterprise plan with Zype. Please send us a request if you're interested in upgrading to a plan with access to Zype Live!

Step 2 - Verify which social platforms you would like to set up for multicasting

Next, you'll need to get access to the target server URL and persistent stream keys for each of the social platforms you'd like to set up for live multicasting. You can read more about how to get this info in the following articles:

Step 3 - Get access to the Live Multicasting flow

Once you gather that info, you'll need to complete our live multicasting configuration flow. If you've never set up Live Multicasting before, you may need to first request access to the product. Go to the main Zype Live page and click on the "Manage Live Multicasting" link in the upper right corner.

Once on the multicasting configuration page, you may need to request access to the product. Our support team will confirm if your account has access and if so, unlock the product flow for you.

Step 4 - Configure your Live Multicasting endpoints

Once on the unlocked Live Multicasting page, please provide us with the data you'd like for any social endpoints you'd like to configure for multicasting to. For each endpoint please submit the target server URL and persistent stream key.

Once information is submitted, we will begin configuring your new multicasting enabled encoder. The status will show pending until your encoder is ready to use.

Step 5 - Zype Live Multicasting encoder configuration complete

Zype will then configure your multicasting enabled encoder. You'll receive a confirmation from Zype once your encoder has completed configuration. You can also see the completed status on your Live Multicasting page.

From there you'll be ready to start simultaneously live multicasting to your Zype endpoints as well as the social endpoints you've configured with Zype. (Note, you can start with configuring one social endpoint at first, and then submit additional ones in the future using the same flow if you're not ready to configure all three at once.)

If you've finished setting up your live multicasting encoder in Zype, you can learn more about running a live multicasting broadcast in Zype in this article.