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Configuring Twitch Live Multicasting Follow

Configuring your Zype Live encoder for Twitch Multicasting is a quick and easy process. 

Step 1 - Sign into the Twitch account that you'll use for live broadcasting and select the dropdown in the upper righthand corner to access the menu


Step 2 - Select “Dashboard” to enter your channel’s dashboard


Step 3 - Under the Settings section on the lefthand side of the page, select “Channel” to view your channel’s settings


Step 4 - Here you'll find the Stream Key that will need to be provided to Zype in order to complete multicasting setup for Twitch. Copy your “Primary Stream Key” and paste into the Zype Live Multicasting configuration page.


Step 5 - You'll also need the target Server URL. This will vary depending on your location, so visit the Twitch Ingests page to decide what's right for you. Copy and paste your Server URL into the Zype Live Multicasting configuration page.


You're all set! If needed, you can read more about going through the Zype Live multicasting setup in this article.



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