How to Broadcast a Live Multicasting Event in Zype Live How to Broadcast a Live Multicasting Event in Zype Live

How to Broadcast a Live Multicasting Event in Zype Live

If you're reading this article, you've already finished setting up your live multicasting encoder and are ready to multicast a live event to your social platforms!

Step 1 - Click to start a new Live Event in Zype Live

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Step 2 - Select your live multicasting enabled encoder during Live Event creation.

You can select which encoder you'd like to use for broadcasting new live events in the Zype Live event manager flow. Your options will typically include your standard Zype Live encoder which broadcasts to only your web, connected TV, and mobile endpoints, or your multicasting supported encoder which allows you to broadcast live to those endpoints plus whichever social platforms you've configured with Zype.

This encoder will send an RTMP stream copy to not only your configured multicasting platforms, but also continue to deliver a fully transcoded stream to your web, connected TV, and mobile endpoints.


Step 3 - Continue through the rest of the Live Event management flow.

Pause once you get to the Broadcast Now page of Zype Live. You'll want to make sure your social platforms are ready for broadcasting live at this point. Once you've pulled up the admin interfaces for each social platform, you're ready to begin your live multicasting event.


Step 4 - Start your live stream in Zype and then Go Live on each social platform you'd like to multicast to.

Click Start Broadcast in Zype Live to start sending your stream to each social platform.

If you haven't already scheduled your live broadcast on the social platforms you're broadcasting to, you'll want to click Go Live. If this is your first time broadcasting a live event, you may want to limit your audience as a test. Here's an example of the Go Live page from Facebook Live (note the Go Live button in the bottom right corner of the page):

FB Multicasting Go Live.png

Congratulations! If you followed the steps above you should now be broadcasting your live event to all your social followers! Don't forget to turn off your live broadcasts on each social platform as soon as your Live Event has completed in Zype!