Unlike other OTT platforms, Samsung does not provide an easy way to test apps. If you would like to see your Samsung app in action before we submit it to the Samsung Seller Store, you will need to side-load it to your supported Samsung TV.

We do not recommend side-loading apps on your TV as the whole process is highly technical and may require additional troubleshooting steps than what are mentioned in this article.


You will need the following devices and software to begin. 

  1. Samsung Tizen TV

  2. Apple MacBook or another system running MacOS.

  3. Tizen Studio(While installing Tizen studio, you need to make sure to install the required TV extension SDKs as well.)

How to connect your Samsung TV with Macbook.
(Connecting the TV and SDK)

To connect the TV to the SDK as a remote device -

Step 1: Enable Developer Mode on the TV.

a: On the TV, open the "Smart Hub"

b: Select the "Apps" panel.


c: In the "Apps" panel, enter "12345" using the remote control or the on-screen number keypad. The developer mode configuration popup appears.


d: Switch "Developer Mode" to "On".

e: Enter the IP address of the computer that you want to connect to the TV, and click "OK".


f: Reboot the TV.

When you open the "Apps" panel after the reboot, "Develop Mode" is marked at the top of the screen.


Step 2: Connect the TV to the SDK.

a: Launch the Tizen Studio, and select "Tools > Device Manager". The Device Manager launches.



b: To add a TV, click "Remote Device Manager" and "+".


c: In the "Add Device" popup, define the information for the TV you want to connect to, such as the name, and IP address, and click "Add".


d: In the Device Manager window, select the TV from the list, and switch "Connection" to "ON".


Now you can install and launch applications on the TV directly from the Tizen Studio.

Creating Certificates

The app must be signed with valid certificates before it can be installed or run. The following steps describe how to create a certificate profile you can use to sign your applications.

To create a certificate profile:

  1. In the Tizen Studio menu, select "Tools > Certificate Manager"

    Launch the Certificate Manager.png

  2. Click "+".

    Create a new certificate profile.png

  3. Click “Tizen”

    Select certificate profile type.png

  4. Enter a name for the certificate profile, and click "Next".

    Certificate profile name4.png

  5. Select “Create a new author certificate” and click “Next”

    5 create.png

  6. Enter the required information, and click "Next".

    next 6.png

  7. Make sure the option ‘Use the default Tizen distributor certificate’ is selected and click “Finish”

    Finish 7.png

  8. Click "OK"

    ok 8.png


Installing the App on the Samsung Tizen TV

Before installing the app, first, you need to disable the 'Build' option.

Launch Tizen Studio and navigate to Preferences > Tizen Studio > Web > Editor > JavaScript Editor and disable the Build option > Apply and Close.


Step 1: Import the .wgt file to Tizen Studio by navigating to - 
File > Import > Tizen Project > select Archive file >browser and select the file > click Next > change the version to 6.5 or higher >select the checkbox and click Finish.

Trizen 2.png

trizen 2a.png

Step 2: Make sure the TV is selected under the debug menu.

trizen 4.png

Step 3: You must ensure there is no space between the app name.
Example- If the app name is Test App-samsung-tv, then you have to remove the space. The app name should look like ‘TestApp-samsung-tv

Trizen 5.png

Step 4: Now you can run your app by right-clicking on the App Name and selecting -
Run As > Tizen Web Application

trizen 6.png

If you have carefully followed all the steps, the app will launch on your Samsung TV.

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