To test the Android apps, we will use Google Play Internal Testing Track, Google’s testing tool for app owners.


Step 1. Login to your Google Play Console account and navigate to All Applications, and Select your app.


Step 2. Navigate to Testing >> Internal Testing >> Releases.


Step 3. Select Testers in the Internal testing Track. Click on Create email list, give your email list a name, and enter the emails of testers & save the form.

Please note: Only valid Gmail address are allowed in this list.




Important Note: After creating the list, please wait for 20-30 minutes for the changes to reflect in the Google play console.

Step 4. Now, you can copy & share the test link with the testers so they can join your test.


When the shared testing link is accessed by any tester, below screen will be displayed and they can install the app from download it on Google Play link.

Important note: The testers should be logged in with the same email account that is added in the email list for internal testing, while accessing the link.


On the next page, all supported devices that are logged in with the test user's gmail account, will be displayed. Choose a device to install the build on and click install.


It may take a couple of hours for the app to install on Android devices after initiating the installation from the Web Google Play Store.

Note: We do not support Chrome OS with our Android Apps.


Learn more about Android App Testing here.


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