Unlike other OTT platforms, LG does not provide an easy way to test apps. If you would like to see your LG app in action before we submit it to the LG Seller Store, you will need to side-load it to your supported LG WebOS TV.

As side-loading the LG apps on your TV is highly technical and may require additional troubleshooting steps, we would suggest checking the Web/ other OTT apps- the LG app will function similarly to these.

If you want to test the build please follow the below steps to install the LG components and developer mode apps.

Step.1 We need to install the LG webOS TV SDK ::: LG | webOS TV Developer :: Downloading Installer


Please make sure to install all components (CLI, IDE, Sublime, and Emulator).

Step.2 Once the above components are installed, please use this document ::: LG | webOS TV Developer :: Using Developer Mode App to connect the LG TV with your desktop/ laptop.

Step 3. Open the LG IDE, connect it with your LG TV, and navigate to WebOS Menu>> Install IPK (Nav bar on emulator) to install the app on the TV.







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