We will use Amazon Live App Testing (LAT) to test the Amazon mobile and Fire TV apps.


Step 1: Login to your Amazon Developer Console.

Step 2: Navigate to your App. Your Amazon Test builds are uploaded under Live App Testing. To begin testing you will need to add testers to your Live App Testing, click on Manage Testers, in the left menu.


Step 3: Click on Add New Testers, to add testers to LAT.


Step 4: If you already have testers added to your account, select the testers from the list and click on Add.


If you want to add new testers, select Add new testers and add the email address for the new testers (Amazon accounts), select an existing group to add these testers to or add a new group, and click on Add.


Once you've added the testers, go to the Live App Testing dashboard to view the active tests. Under Actions, select the menu button with three dots and three lines and then select Submit. A testing invitation will be sent to each tester.


Step 5: Installing the test apps using the email invite.

a. Check your inbox and find the invitation email. Click on the appropriate Amazon market place link, in the email.


b. The link will open the retail page for the app in the specified marketplace. Select the linked device from the right dropdown menu and click on Deliver.


The app will be installed on your selected Device. It may take 10-20 mins for the app to show up on your device.


You can install the app on multiple linked devices.


Learn more about Amazon LAT testing here.


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