The "Events" page shows all of the in-app purchase tiers that have been created for the purpose of offering in-app purchases of Events:

Events (1).png

How to Use

Event Tiers are used to establish a single price point that is shared across multiple events. Events that share a common theme (all events from a particular concert series, events with a similar purpose such as training, etc.) and a common price point can be configured within a single event tier.

To add a new event tier, tap the "+" button:

Event - Edit.png

Event tiers can be configured on a per-Region basis. See the Regionalized Configuration documentation for more information.

Adding Events to Event Tiers

To control which events are assigned to which tiers, tap on the row for a given event tier. You will be shown a list of events that have been added to the tier:

Event - Content.png

To add a new event to the tier, tap the "+" button:

Event - Content - Add.png

Events can be removed from the tier at any time; this will not invalidate any previously-acquired entitlements.