Content Pricing Content Pricing

Content Pricing

Content pricing is configured via the "Access" tab for each object:

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How to Use

For objects that exist in the Zype CMS, a default "Access Rules" record will be created that reflects the settings that are shown on the object's "CRM" tab within the CMS. For objects that are sourced from feeds, you can create access rules records manually using this list.

Each access rules record allows you to configure the rules for a particular Locale using the "Region" and "Language" settings. The rules governing the various ways that the content can be "unlocked by" different monetization strategies (Subscriptions, Purchases, Rentals, Events, etc.) are also set via this rule record:

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The pricing for SVOD configurations is managed via Plans that are associated with the subscriptions for which the content is a member (via the "In Tier" toggle).

For TVOD configurations, you can use tier-based pricing via Pricing Tiers, custom per-object pricing, or both, based on the value of the "Pricing Model" used for each. When using custom pricing, you provide the values directly on the rule form:

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When per-object TVOD settings have been entered in the Zype CRM, the values for these fields will be reflected on the rule, but will not be editable. Changes to these fields should be made within the Zype CRM.