CSAI Video Ads - SpotX CSAI Video Ads - SpotX

CSAI Video Ads - SpotX

Monetize your video content by connecting video ads to Apps Creator via SpotX. It’s as simple as copying and pasting your SpotX Channel IDs in the Apps Creator dashboard under Monetization >> Ads >> SpotX.

Before you configure Ads in Apps Creator, Generate your Channel IDs in SpotX. Once you have created Channel IDs, you'll need to add them in the respective fields for the video ad settings in your Apps Creator Dashboard.

Connect SpotX Ads to Apps Creator

Once you have your SpotX Channel IDs ready, add them to Apps Creator to begin serving ads in your Videos.

Step 1: Login to Apps Creator and navigate to Monetization>>Ads>>SpotX.

Step 2: Add your Ad Tag URL for each platform under Choose Channels Box and save the form.

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Additional Ad Settings

How to set Ad Frequency?

Under Channels section, you will find a Set Request Frequency section. Here you can mention when you want the ads to be requested via the apps. This is helpful when you don't want your app users to be greeted by an ad as soon as they play the first video. Configure when and how often you want to the ads to be requested from the Ad server.

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How to target ads using Key-Value Pairs?

To begin using KVPs with Apps Creator, you will need to set up your targeting tags in the Apps Creator dashboard and in the SpotX console. Apps Creator will pick up the values within designated tags from your MRSS feed and pass them to SpotX for targeted ads.

All ad targeting happens in the SpotX dashboard. In order to set up targeting options, share a list of Keys and Values with your SpotX account manager. SpotX will then add the targeting keys and their correlated values to the SpotX dashboard.Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 3.50.47 PM.png

Important Note:

With the release of iOS 14 and tvOS 14, Apple has introduced the AppTrackingTransparency framework. As per Apple's new guidelines, apps will need to request permission to track the user and access the device’s advertising identifier to display personalized ads.

Due to this, if your Zype app is already on the Apple App Store and you decide to turn on or turn off ads on the Apps Creator dashboard, an app update will be required for iOS/tvOS apps to comply with the new guidelines.

After enabling or disabling ads on the Apps Creator Dashboard, please write to us at submissions@mazsystems.com to request an app update for your iOS/tvOS app.