The Consumers page shows a list of all consumers (app end users) that have authenticated with the platform.


How to Use

Users are not required to perform any action to add consumers to this list - consumers will be added automatically upon successful login. Login requires use of a subscriber database, either the integrated CRM or an external subscriber database such as Cleeng.

NOTE: If you are using an external subscriber database, this view does NOT present all consumers that exist in your database. This view will only show those consumers that have successfully authenticated via an app, and are therefore known to the system. The system does not continuously synchronize the contents of your subscriber database.

User-Requested Account Deletion

Per the rules specified by Apple, any app which allows user account creation must also allow users to request account deletion. Although only required on Apple platforms, this feature is available on all platforms.

End users may request deletion of their account using the in-app "Delete Account" button that is available on the default settings menu (this action is not yet supported via the custom Menu section).

Once tapped, the menu action will inform the user that their account record (including records of past purchases) will be deleted, and the user will be required to tap the "Delete Account" button again to confirm the action:

Delete Account - Confirm.png

The account deletion process is manual at this time. The in-app "Delete Account" process will result in a message being sent to our customer service team, who will process the request.