SSAI Video Ads SSAI Video Ads

SSAI Video Ads

SSAI is a technology that stitches together ads within a video stream before the stream loads on a user’s device. With Apps Creator you can send important information to your SSAI provider whenever a playback URL is accessed.

Using the SSAI Ads functionality in Apps Creator, you can define what information will be sent with each video playback URL.

To define desired macros to be appended with each video playback URL, navigate to Apps Creator >> Monetization >> Ads >> SSAI. Currently we support Mediatailor for SSAI.

Add the desired macros in the provided text box.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 4.59.54 PM.png

Please note that the names of the macros (to the left of the = sign) can be anything. It is just the names of their token values that Apps Creator will be matching with the names of token values listed in the table below.

For example, if you want to append App Bundle ID and Page URL to your playback urls, add the macros as shown below.


Parameters added here will be added to all content URLs (including URLs from MRSS feeds and Zype "self hosted" URLs) at playtime.

List of all supported macros:

Token Name Value


CMS Content Id of the Video


App Bundle


App Name


App Domain


App Store URL


IFA type


User-agent string


Player Height


Player Width


Limit Ad Tracking




CMS Site Name


Site Page URL


US Privacy


Content Genre


Content Channel


Content Rating


Content Title


Random number to prevent caching