Set Up Your Subscription Service with Stripe Set Up Your Subscription Service with Stripe

Set Up Your Subscription Service with Stripe

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Subscriptions are one of the most popular ways to make money on your video content. Before beginning the setup of subscription plans, you must have a Stripe account setup.

Set Up Your Subscription Service with Stripe 

To get started using subscriptions with Zype, navigate to Video CRM > Subscriptions from the left navigation menu. Then click "Let's Go!" to get started.


Step 1: Basic Information

Upload the subscription logo and add your email address.

Adding "Terms of Service" is optional.


Step 2: Payments

Select Stripe from the default payment type dropdown. 
Add your Live Secret Key and Live Publishable Key from Stripe. Use this link for instructions on finding your Stripe keys.

The "Credit Card Statement Message" will be the name you want subscribers to see on their credit card bill.


Step 3: Plans

Enter a plan name, amount and frequency. Offer your viewers a free trial period by entering a number into Trial Days. You can add additional plans by clicking on +Add More Plans. 

Enable Coupons defaults to ON, and we suggest keeping this feature ON in case you want to create coupons through Stripe in the future.

Hit Continue when you have finished adding plans. 


Step 4: Activity Stream (critical)

In order for Zype to receive subscription status updates from Stripe, you must use the webhook provided by Zype and follow Stripe's instructions on integrating webhooks here. This will ensure subscription statuses (e.g. Active to Canceled, Trialing to Active, etc.) get updated appropriately in Zype.

This will also enable your Activity Stream in the Zype admin. 


Step 5: Confirmation

Review your subscription and click Save Changes


Step 6: Editing Stripe Settings

If you'd like to access your Stripe settings once they are configured, you can view by visiting Settings > Monetization tab. 


Good To Know

Make sure to manage your Automatic collection settings in Stripe to establish your desired failed payment attempt rules and renewal email cadence. This will ensure that retries for a failed payment result in the subscription being cancelled. 


Visit our Subscription Plans section in the Help Center for more information about managing your subscription plans.