Enabling PayPal for Braintree Enabling PayPal for Braintree

Enabling PayPal for Braintree

Braintree offers the ability for to for consumers to signup and pay for subscriptions using their PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal Business account setup you will need to follow the complete setup steps found below:

If you already have a Business PayPal account setup, follow the instructions below:

Enable Accepting PayPal as Payment

  1. Log into the Braintree Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Processing
  3. Under Accept PayPal, enter your PayPal email address and password
  4. Enter the URLs to your website's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions in the fields provided
  5. Click Link Account
  6. Make sure the "Use Vault flow" box is checked
  7. Click Update to save your selection 

Create Your Subscription Plan in Braintree
You will need to create the subscription plan that you want to sell via Braintree/Paypal. Please make sure the plan is configured per the monetization settings you plan to use in Zype admin. Here is Braintree's official documentation for creating a subscription plan:

Zype Monetization Settings

Go to the gear at the top of your Zype admin page, and click Settings in the menu. From the settings page, click the Monetization tab.

Make sure all fields are entered correctly under Braintree Settings section, and that your default payment type is Braintree.



Confirming Your Subscription Plan In Zype

If you have not created a subscription plan in Zype, you can view our instructions on how to do so here:

If you already have your Subscription created, please confirm the following information:

  • Braintree ID has been entered for this plan
  • The amount, interval, and interval counts match up with BT Plan setup
  • The plan is active in Zype



Test the Subscription

You will want to confirm that your consumers can now pay for a subscription using their PayPal account. To do so, follow the steps below locate a video that requires a subscription and test purchasing it:

  • Locate a video that requires a subscription, click the PayPal button when going to signup

  • Enter your PayPal login information, click Login

  •  You will see your PayPal email address on the screen. Select Pay