You can provide coupon codes to offer discounts to new subscribers when they subscribe to your content.

**Note Stripe is currently the only payment processor Zype supports with this feature. 

Currently, to enable coupons, you need to do two things.

1) First, you need to enable coupons from Subscription Settings within Zype HERE


2) To create your coupons through Stripe, please log in.  Select "Producs" from the menu and click the "Coupons" tab. Then click the "New" button.


The create new coupon form will appear. There are multiple coupon combinations to choose from.

You can choose to have a coupon be a percentage off or an amount off of your subscription price.

You can also choose to have a coupon be applied for one pay period, multiple monthly pay periods, or forever.

You can also have a maximum number of times a coupon can be redeemed and opt to have a redemption deadline for your coupon.


When you fill out your coupon form in Stripe, remember your ID (Code). This is the coupon code that you can give to people who want to subscribe to your content.

Once you click “Create Coupon”, share your coupon code out with future subscribers! Feel free to create as many coupons as you would like, they can be applied to any subscription plan that you offer.