Manage Subscription Plans Manage Subscription Plans

Manage Subscription Plans

Once you've setup your subscription service, you can make create new subscription plans and make adjustments to current plans if needed. Keep in mind, when adding, activating, or inactivating plans, Zype's subscription embeds may not reflect those changes immediately. Typically it takes around 10 minutes for your plan changes to reflect if you are using Zype's embeds.

To Create Additional Subscription Plans

In order to manage your subscription plans, on the Zype navigation menu click Subscriptions, then click Subscription Plans.




Select New Plan.


On the Create New Plan page, enter a unique name for the plan, then a description.

Enter either your Stripe, Braintree or Recurly ID, then an Amazon In-App Purchasing Shared Key, if available, on the appropriate boxes


6. If you are using a third-party payment provider (other than Stripe, Braintree or Recurly) you may enter its ID on the Custom Third-Party ID box.

7. On the Discovery URL box, enter the URL where you want the customer to be redirected to after purchasing a subscription plan.


8. Enter the amount, currency, interval, and interval count for the subscription plan. Notice that the interval options are monthly, yearly, and lifetime.

NOTE: Interval count determines the pricing interval. For example, if you want to charge the subscriber every three months, you’ll set interval to monthly and the interval count to 3. The subscription amount would be the price for the three-month period covered under the plan.

9. The subscription plan is turned off, or inactive, by default. This means that you will need to turn it on later to make it available to your consumers. You may turn it on, or make it active, by toggling the Active button.

10. Click Save Changes.

NOTE: All purchased subscriptions are active until cancelled by you or the subscriber (see To Cancel a Subscription).

To Edit a Subscription Plan

Although you may edit a subscription plan at any time, make sure to inform your consumers about changes in your subscription plans ahead of time to avoid any confusion.

To edit a plan, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the plan, then click the Edit button for the plan on the far right.


Edit the plan, then click Save Changes.

To Deactivate a Subscription Plan

To deactivate a plan, navigate to the plan, toggle the Active button off, then select Save Changes.


NOTE: Deactivating a plan does not affect current subscribers to the plan. It means that the plan is closed to new subscribers. 

Viewing Consumers, Transactions, and Subscriptions

To view the number and detail of consumers, transactions, and subscriptions to your plans, follow the steps below.

1. On the Zype navigation menu, select VIDEO CRM > Settings.

2. The number of consumers, transactions, and subscriptions on your account are displayed to the right. Note that these are clickable links - click any number to go to the details behind.


To Cancel a Subscription

Cancellation of a subscription should only be undertaken at the subscriber’s request. If you get such a request, you should inform the subscriber that they will lose access to the videos covered under the plan immediately after the cancellation. Moreover, the subscriber will not get a prorated refund for the unused portion of the subscription plan.

To cancel a subscription, follow the steps below.

1. On the Zype navigation menu, select VIDEO CRM > Settings.

2. The number of consumers, transactions, and subscriptions on your account are displayed to the right. Select Subscriptions.

3. On the Subscriptions page, look for the consumer whose subscription you want to cancel from the list. Alternatively, and if you have many consumers, search for the consumer’s name using the Search bar.

4. Once you find the consumer, click the Delete icon to the farthest-right of the row containing the consumer’s record to cancel the subscription.Screen_Shot_2021-06-08_at_1.23.38_PM.png