Subscription Settings Subscription Settings

Subscription Settings

Subscriptions combine consumers and plans and allow you to make money from your videos. The Zype Platform supports Stripe, Braintree, and Recurly for credit card processing.

Subscription Settings

In order to manage your subscription setting, on the Zype navigation menu click Subscriptions, then click Subscription Settings.





This logo will be displayed when users are interacting with your subscription service.

Background Color

This color will be displayed in your player if the video being shown does not have a thumbnail.

Example: If you set the background color to white, this is what it would look like on your subscription widget:




If you change the color to black, it will look like this:




Contact Email

The email that messages to your customers will be sent from.

Terms of Service

If you have a Terms of Service that users must agree to before subscribing, add a link to it here.

Privacy policy

We recommend a Privacy Policy URL that allows you to reflect the privacy policy of your service.

Coupons Enabled

Determines whether or not subscribers can use coupons.

Statement Description

This is what your customers will see on their credit card statement (22 character limit). Stripe only.

Show Zype Branding

By default we display a Zype logo at the bottom of your subscription embeds. To hide it, switch off this setting.


Overriding the subscription embed

You are able to override the default subscription embed settings on a per embed basis using JavaScript. For example, when you copy your subscription embed code, you can add additional JS inside your script tag.

You can view additional embed customizations HERE.  

The following are variables that you enter to overwrite settings on an subscription embed:

Variable Example Description
backgroundColor zype.backgroundColor = ‘#264547’; Hexcolor of background if no video thumbnail
appName zype.appName = ‘My app name’; Name of your app
showZype zype.showZype = true; Whether or not to show “Powered by Zype”
couponsEnabled zype.couponsEnabled = true Whether or not to have the coupon code field on new subscription sign ups
disableSubscription zype.disableSubscription = true If set will disable the subscription button on the widget
disablePurchase zype.disablePurchase = true If set will disable the purchase button on the widget
disableRental zype.disableRental = true If set will disable the rental button on the widget
disablePass zype.disablePass = true If set will disable the pass plan button on the widget


Email & Text Settings

Zype provides email and text templates that you can customize for your new subscribers.Your consumers will receive an email from you under the following conditions:

  • Subscription purchased
  • Subscription cancelled 
  • Subscription plan updated
  • Forgot password

If your current plan allows it, you can also unlock your Zapier webhook key to create additional automated messaging to you consumers. Our Zapier integration allows you to map certain platform triggers to custom email messages to help you better target segments of your consumers. Check out more on that here > 

The following placeholders are required for the given message:

Subscription Confirmation Message:

  • {app_name}
  • {subscription_details}

Subscription Cancellation Message:

  • {app_name}

Subscription Update Message:

  • {app_name}
  • {plan_name}
  • {plan_amount}
  • {plan_interval}

Forgot Password Email

  • {app_name}

To customize these templates, follow the steps below.

1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Make Money, then on the Monetization page, click Subscription Settings.

2. On the Subscription Settings page, click the Email & Text Settings tab.


3. Click into a section to start editing the text. There is a handy guide to the right to help you in editing the template.


4. Click Save Settings.