Google Analytics (GA4) Integration Google Analytics (GA4) Integration

Google Analytics (GA4) Integration

Zype Analytics can integrate with GA4 to deliver a consolidated source of analytics for your web destination. 


To use GA4 with Zype Analytics you need to have a GA4 account and a web tracking code installed on your web destination.

To retrieve your web tracking code, follow the steps detailed below: 

    1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
    2. Click Admin.
    3. At the top of the Property column, select your property.
    4. In the Property column, click Data Streams > Web.
    5. Click the data stream for your website.
    6. Under Google tag, click View tag instructions.
    7. On the Installation instructions page, select Install manually:
      • On the screen, you’ll see the JavaScript snippet for your account's Google tag. Your Google tag is the entire section of code that appears, beginning with:

        <!-- Google tag (gtag.js) -->

        and ending with


Paste your Google tag immediately after the <head> on each page of your website.


Supported Use Cases

Zype GA4 integration is currently supported on non-paywalled, Zype-hosted videos, rendered from the javascript video embed code only. Iframe-based and paywalled videos are not supported.


Enabling GA4 integration

To enable GA4 integration select the ‘Enable Google Analytics’ option under Settings > Player Settings. The integration will use the existing Google Analytics tracking object on the page so you don’t need to enter your GA4 Tracking ID.

You can optionally change the tracking object name. Most installations use the default name ‘ga’. If you have not changed the name of the tracking object on your web destination you should use the default setting.

Supported Versions

Currently, our GA integration tool only supports GA4, as Universal Analytics has been deprecated for use across the Google system. Please make sure to have your GA4 properly configured prior to starting the integration setup.

Web Player events to GA4

The following list gives you a detail of which and how the events from the web player are currently being sent to the GA4 platform: 


Web player event

GA Event Action name