Managing Consumer Device Linking Managing Consumer Device Linking

Managing Consumer Device Linking

Device linking allows your subscriptions consumers to sign into their accounts on certain app endpoints and "link" the device to their account, so they don't have to repeatedly sign in every time they want to access subscription content. This article describes how to manage consumers who have linked their devices.

Managing Device Linking Settings for your Property

To manage device linking settings for your property, visit your site settings page in the Zype admin and navigate to the Monetization tab.

At the bottom of the Monetization tab you will see a section labeled "Device Linking Settings"

You can configure whether you would like to automatically unlink consumer devices upon subscription cancellations. If turned "ON" this feature will automatically delete any device links assigned to a single consumer once that consumer has canceled all active subscriptions within your property.

Managing Individual Consumer Device Linking

You can also manage device linking on an individual consumer basis. This allows you to create new device links as well as delete existing device links for each of your consumers.

To access device linking for individual consumers, navigate to the Consumers page.


If you click into any individual consumer settings page, you'll see a "Linked Devices" section in the bottom right corner.

You can enter a device PIN in order to set up a new device link. Note, the device PIN should be provided by the consumer based off the PIN generated on their own app device.

You can also delete existing device links by clicking on the trashcan icon next to a device link.

Good to Know

Keep in mind you need to have device linking enabled within your apps in order to enable the feature for your consumers. You can manage device linking settings on an app by app basis within the app builder workflows for a number of app endpoints.