Managing Custom Metadata for Consumers Managing Custom Metadata for Consumers

Managing Custom Metadata for Consumers

Capture granular, targeted metadata from your viewers - like Age, Favorite Movie, or Favorite Workout - by creating custom consumer metadata fields. Create, update, delete and view custom metadata keys and values through Zype’s Admin interface. Then, use Zype’s Consumers API to update and view custom metadata keys and values available on the consumer object. You can also access a report of metadata fields per consumer on your Consumer .csv export and use the data to better serve your audience.

For start capturing granular, targeted metadata on the consumer level, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Consumers.
  2. On the Consumers page, click Custom Consumer Metadata. Screen_Shot_2021-03-30_at_7.37.17_PM.png

  3. On the Consumer Settings page, you'll be able to add new custom metadata fields by selecting "New Custom Metadata Field." Once created, your list of fields will be listed here. Screen_Shot_2021-06-08_at_12.19.27_PM.png
  4. When creating a new custom metadata field, add the Field name, Field type, and indicate if you'd like this field to be Active by selecting ON. Adding this field on the Consumer Settings page and turning it ON will allow the metadata to be added on a per-consumer basis. Once you've added a field name and field type, you will not be able to edit these values.mceclip1.pngWhen entering Field name, be sure to remove spaces. When entering Field type, be sure to select from the available dropdown:mceclip2.png Be sure to select Save Changes when done:Screen_Shot_2021-06-08_at_12.21.41_PM.png
  5. You can return to the Consumer Settings page to see all created metadata fields. You can make your fields Active or Inactive using the gear icon to the right, or delete fields using the trash can icon at right:mceclip3.png
  6. Once your custom metadata fields exist, you can attach these to consumers. On the Consumers page, you can select a consumer to view their details and edit their metadata fields. In the below example, we have selected test consumer Aaron McGlynn and can see the custom metadata fields Age and Favorite Workout:Screen_Shot_2021-06-08_at_12.28.42_PM.png
  7. When returning to the Consumers page, you'll have the option to Export your consumer list to .csv. Notice the two test consumers indicated that have custom metadata fields populated:mceclip0.pngWhen viewing the exported .csv, you can see these two consumers and their corresponding fields:mceclip5.png
  8. Once your custom metadata fields have been created in Zype Admin, you can freely update field values and delete field values these per consumer via the Consumers API10-consumers-API-edited.png