The Subscriptions page, part of the Video CRM product, provides quick access to key top line metrics and allows you to drill into the details of a subscription plan lifecycle.


Clicking an event count will update the chart on the right to display the number of subscription events for the relevant metric based on the date range you have selected. 

  • Active Subscriptions: The total number of subscriptions, excluding all paused, trialing, cancelled and on hold statues, not impacted by date filters.
  • Subscriptions Started: The number of new subscriptions that began in the defined date range. 
  • Subscriptions Cancelled: The number of subscriptions cancelled in the defined date range.
  • Subscriptions Paused: The number of subscriptions paused in the defined date range.
  • Trials Started: The number of trials that began in the defined date range. 



Clicking the revenue filter will update the chart to display the amount of revenue associated with subscriptions based on the date range you have selected.

Currency Handling

If you have only set up subscription plans in one currency, that will be the default currency shown within the Revenue chart and metrics. 

If you have subscription plans set up in multiple currencies, the metrics and chart will only display revenue in one currency at a time. You need to switch between the different currency buttons to view the amount of revenue for each currency. Zype is not converting any currencies.


Good to Know

Revenue Calculation: Zype references the subscription count, and then determines the amount associated with each event based on what has been input in the Subscription Plans page ("Amount").

The Revenue metrics are not a replacement for the reporting tools available with your payment processor. Please refer to your payment process for revenue recognition and income statement information, as the payment process should be the source of truth for financial data. 

This feature enhancement was introduced in March 2021, and you may see incomplete Events and Revenue metrics for active subscriptions before the month of March.

Filtering Events & Revenue Data

Updating data filtering will update both the metric count and the chart.

  • Quick Filters: Select between filtering the key metric count and chart by the latest 7, 30, or 90 days.
  • Custom Date Range: Select a custom filtering date range by either using the date picker or entering numerical dates in the date range input.


Exporting Events & Revenue Data

Export charts, events and revenue data in multiple formats. 

  • Chart Export: Select PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG export format to download the chart currently displayed for the defined date range. 
  • Events and Revenue Export: Select CSV or XLSX export format to download structured data for the relevant metric in the defined date range.


Subscription Details

All subscription purchases are listed in the table view below the key top-line metrics. Other information shown in the table includes the subscriber's email address, the plan subscribed to, the amount paid for the subscription, the billing interval, the status, the cancellation date (if applicable), and the date when the consumer subscribed to the plan.

  • Search, Filter, Sort, & Export Subscriptions: Quickly sort and organize individual consumer subscription entries for quick navigation.
    • Search: Enter the consumer email and click "Search" to identify transactions quickly with the search function.
    • Filter & Sort: Use the dropdown pickers to filter & sort subscription entries.
    • Export CSV: Output a list of subscriber data in CSV format that you can then import into another program.
  • Subscription Details: Break down the details of each subscription entry.Subscription_Details.png 
    • Consumer: Email address of the individual subscriber.
      • To view or edit a consumer's details, click the email address. This will display the consumer's Details page, where you can change the consumer record, view all of the consumer's activities on your Zype channel, view all analytics related to the consumer, view recent logins, and view linked devices (for more information on device linking, see Managing Consumer Device Linking).
    • Plan:  Subscription plan the consumer is subscribed to.
      • To view subscription plan details, click the plan title under the Plan column. This will take you to the Subscription Plans page. For more information, see Managing Subscription Plans.
    • Amount: The cost per interval of the subscription
    • Interval: The frequency the subscription is billed. 
    • Renew: Whether a subscription is set to auto-renew
    • Status: The current stage of a subscriber.
    • Cancelled At: The date a subscription was cancelled.
    • Created At: The date a consumer subscribed to the plan. 
    • Cancel Subscription: Click the trash can icon to the right of the record to delete and cancel the subscription record.