Creating and Editing Pass Plans Creating and Editing Pass Plans

Creating and Editing Pass Plans

Pass plans allow you to make a group of desired content available for a pre-determined set of time with a one-time purchase. For example, you may set up a 15-day pass plan at a cost of $10. A consumer can purchase the plan, giving them access to the designated content for 15 days.

You will want to ensure your StripeBraintree or Recurly account is setup within your Zype account before utilizing pass plans to ensure you collect payment.

To Create a Pass Plan

1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Transactions, then click Pass Plans.


2. On the Pass Plans page, click New Pass Plan.


3. On the Create New Plan page, enter the following information:

  • A unique name for the plan
  • Plan description (not required)
  • Select the correct currency
  • Plan duration
  • Active - on/off


4. Click Save Changes.

To Edit/Deactivate a Pass Plan

1. Navigate to the Make Money tab, click Pass Plans

2. Click the title of the plan or the gear icon to the right to enter the plan details page

Note: Deactivating a plan will not deactivate content access for users who have already purchased the plan, it will simply remove the plan from being available for purchase.


3. Edit the plan, then click Save Changes.