You can configure some overall plan settings and customizations within the Pass Plan settings page. 

On the Zype navigation menu, click Transactions, then click Pass Plan Settings.

On the Pass Plan Settings page, there is an option to Require Pass Plans For All Videos.

Warning: Once you click Require Pass Plans For All Videos, this action cannot be undone. If you need to make changes going forward, you will need to disable pass plans for each individual video needed.

If you click I'll Manage Them Manually, you will be directed to a how-to page.

There are optional pass plans configurations offered on this page as well:

  • Upload a logo to display on the pass plan embed
  • Enter your contact email address
  • A link to your terms of service (if needed)
  • Enter an Affiliate Tracking Code (if you are using an affiliate network)
  • Hide Zype branding on the embed by toggling off the Show Zype Brand button near the bottom.