You can now sell bundles of videos organized within a playlist as a single purchase or rental transaction within your paywall web embeds.

This allows you to organize and sell a playlist of videos in a single transaction and provide consumers with entitlement access to all videos within that playlist.

For example, if you wanted to create a “Movies Bundle” you could create a playlist containing all movies in your video library, set a single price to purchase that bundle, and if a consumer purchases the bundle they would then be able to view all videos currently in that playlist.


Playlist_bundle_2_-_single_bundle.pngThis provides powerful new merchandising capabilities for selling collections of video content.

You can provide the option to purchase videos individually at one price (say $4.99), or the entire video collection within a playlist at the bundled price (say $9.99).

You can also configure playlist bundles to track entitlements as you add or remove videos from the playlist. For example, if you plan to add more videos to a playlist in the future, you could sell the playlist with an initial set of videos, and as you add new videos to the playlist your consumers will automatically get entitlement access to watch the newly added videos.

Configuring playlist bundles is simple!

To start, create a new playlist or take an existing playlist and go to the CRM tab.

  • You can configure whether to require purchase or rental on the playlist. This will enforce a purchase or rental paywall on ANY videos within the playlist.
  • Furthermore, you can also configure whether to keep entitlements in sync using the toggles at the bottom of the page.
    • Turn on “automatically update video entitlements” to make sure that any new videos you add to this playlist will be made available to consumers who purchase the playlist bundle.
    • Turn on “automatically remove video entitlements” to remove entitlement access for any videos you remove from the playlist.


  • You must also configure each video within the playlist to enable individual purchase to make sure the paywall will appear for that video.
    • Simply go to the settings page → CRM tab for each video to configure the monetization option.
    • This is also valuable for providing consumers with the option to either purchase the entire playlist bundle for $X, or purchase individual videos within the playlist bundle at $Y. This allows you to provide flexible purchasing options for consumers who might want to purchase videos a la carte, or buy entire bundles of videos within a playlist.


  • If videos belong to multiple playlist bundles, consumers will see each playlist bundle that can be purchased within the embed.


Good to know

Playlist bundles are currently only supported within web embeds and via API. We are planning to add default support in the future in Zype’s templated set top and mobile apps; however, at time of launch purchasing capabilities are only supported in web embeds.