Creating Draft Blocks Creating Draft Blocks

Creating Draft Blocks


Showcase up to 14 days worth of EPG data without having to program content into the scheduler.

Creating a Draft Block

  1. Navigate to the edit timeline page of a Playout channel that you've created
  2. Click on the "+NEW" yellow button and select "Draft Block Asset"
    1. mceclip0.png
  3. Fill out the metadata section in the right-side panel and click on "Create Draft Block Asset" when ready
    1. mceclip1.png
    2. NOTE: Draft block duration must be greater than 5 seconds
  4. Find your draft block in the asset panel.
    1. NOTE: Ensure that the drop-down next to the search bar is changed to "Block"

Editing a Draft Block

  1. In the asset panel, ensure that the filter next to the search bar is set to "Block"
  2. Find the draft block you're interested in, and click into it
    1. mceclip2.png
  3. Edit the metadata on the right, by clicking into the field
    1. NOTE: Fields in dark grey cannot be altered
  4. If you would like to delete your draft block, click into the trash can icon next to the text that says, "Properties"
    1. mceclip3.png
  5. You will be asked to confirm, in the modal that appears next:
    1. mceclip4.png