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Playout Live Assets


What are Live Assets?

With the Playout Live Assets, you can configure a livestream input source and insert an existing live stream into a Playout 2.0 stream via the Playout Scheduler UI or API.

What is required to use Live in Playout 2.0?

  1. An existing live stream

Glossary of terms

Live Input Source

Represents the connection between your live stream and the Zype system.

Provides you with a URL in which to broadcast your live stream to.

Live Asset or Live Stream Asset

Represents a Live asset in your Playout 2.0 video library.

Requires a Live Input Source.

Can be placed on the timeline, and is how the live stream gets included in the Playout schedule.

How to add a Live stream to your Playout 2.0 channel

  1. Add a new “Live Input Source” to your channel.

    1. Visit the channel settings page for your channele2c748c4-7f9d-44b5-9f4d-5ce9f7d37bb9.png

    2. Scroll down to the “LIVE INPUT SOURCES” section

    3. Click “+Add New Live Input” to show the form fields

        1. Name your input

        2. Choose your Live stream protocol. There are three options: HLS, RTMP (Push), or RTP (Push).

        3. Add an IP address to the whitelist. If none is specified, the default is

        4. Server URL will be populated once the Live Input Source infrastructure has been provisioned.

          1. Check back when you’re ready to broadcast for this server URL as you will need it

    4. Scroll down on the settings page and “Save”

  2. View your channel’s timeline and click the “+New” button in the asset panel to reveal the option to create a new “Live Asset”

    1. Click “Live Asset” to show the new live asset creation form in the inspector panel


      Fill out the required fields: title, duration, and live input source. If you are missing any of these fields, error messages will be displayed above the fields:

    2. Once filled out, click “Create Live Stream Asset”. Your live stream asset will be created and added to your asset library:

  3. You can now add this live stream asset to your channel’s timeline by dragging and dropping it to the timeline, just like you would for any other asset:

  4. You can proceed with publishing your channel as normal

Known bugs, issues, & caveats

  • Live input sources are scoped to channel
  • Only 2 live input sources per channel
  • Live assets are scoped to channels, meaning you cannot access a live asset created for channel A on channel B.