Welcome to the Zype Platform, also known as Zype Admin! When you log in to your Zype account, the first thing you will see is your Dashboard, with the Add Videos, Video Library, and Publishing cards on the top middle and right. Below these cards are a couple of Analytic reports, one on the number of videos in your account, and the other on player impressions of your videos.



On the top you'll see a few icons and your account name. If you select the down arrow to the right of your account name, the Account menu will appear where you can manage your account, view your role, seek help, and log off from the system.

To the left of the Account menu is the Tools menu consisting of a book icon, a trophy icon, and a gear icon. The book icon will lead you to a Documentation menu, containing links to Zype's Help Center, API documentation, Glossary, and Developer Blog. The trophy icon will link you to Zype's platform Tutorials. The gear icon will open your account Settings

To the left you'll see navigation menu linked to Zype's various features.The navigation menu is divided into four (4) sections:

  1. Manage
  2. Publish
  3. Content & Metadata
  4. Resources

The Manage menu links to your management tools.

The Publish menu links to your publishing tools.

The Content & Metadata menu links to your video content and metadata.

The Resources menu links to the Zype Support Center and Developer Portal. It also contains a link to a form where you can request a new feature you want incorporated in Zype.