The left hand navigation menu consists of four sections for you to manage your content, adjust how you’d like to publish that content, edit metadata associated to that content, and access helpful resources.


The Import and Upload link will bring you to your import and upload options so you can start adding content to the platform. You can find out more about those HERE.

The Library link will open your video library. You can learn more about Library functionality HERE.

The Live Events link is where you will go when you're ready to test or host a live event. Read our documentation on Zype Live HERE.

Selecting Playlists at left will allow you to begin creating playlists to organize your content. For more information on how playlists function, check out additional articles HERE.

The Categories link will allow you to create categories to tag your content. You can find out more about setting up categories HERE.

Selecting Feeds will open to a page where you can manage all your existing MRSS feeds. You can find out more information on this HERE.

Our Overview link will show you the easiest ways to get started with publishing your content.

The Video Apps section of the navigation bar will lead you to a page allowing you to begin creating apps. It's possible you do not currently have access to create apps, in which case, select the Contact Zype to learn more button. To read about the different application setups, see our Applications section HERE.

The Make Money link will display a few different monetization options to select from and allow you to set up monetization on your account. For details on options and setup, visit our Monetization section HERE.

Selecting Analytics will open your platform analytics page. You can discover more on this HERE