Introduction to Apps Creator Introduction to Apps Creator

Introduction to Apps Creator

Apps Creator is a no-code OTT app design and management platform. Apps Creator is tightly integrated with the Zype CMS and CRM, and is also able to work with non-Zype content management systems and streaming platforms.

This page introduces you to major concepts that you need to know to successfully operate the Apps Creator dashboard. From this dashboard you are able to define the structure and design of mobile, web, and CTV applications for all major OTT platforms, all from a single configuration.

Account Management


The Apps Creator system uses a top-level organizational group known as a Workspace. Each workspace contains a list of Users that have access to the workspace and its contents, and one or more Brands that contain all of the application configurations.


Configuration of apps is performed primarily within Brands. Brands can optionally contain multiple Regions, which can be used to create Regionalized Configurations. Regions can contain multiple languages, which allows for Localization.

Navigating the Interface


Apps creator supports AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD monetization strategies. Consumers can be shown Video Ads, Banners, and Sponsor Screens. They can Subscribe to, Purchase, or Rent content, and can attend Pay-per-view Events. Help turn first-time users into customers with effective Onboarding, and communicate with your users via Notifications.


Media from the Zype CMS is "cataloged" into specialized sub-types such as Movies, Episodes, and Extras. Media is shown within the Library and cataloged Content objects are shown in the Content Catalog. Content objects that provide structure to your content catalog such as Series, Seasons, Collections, and Playlists are also supported. Like media, playlists are loaded directly from the Zype CMS. Organize content within apps using Sections, including specialized section types such as Electronic Program Guides and Menus.


Use multi-platform Layouts to target multiple App Platforms with a single Unified Design. Dial in the in-app experience by customizing Registration & Login and Privacy settings.

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