The "Notifications" screen shows the list of notifications that have been configured for the current Brand:


How to Use

Notifications are sent to Consumers via Apple or Google mobile apps only. Each notification includes a tracking ID, message text, and a call-to-action in the form of a web URL or a "deeplink" URL to a specific Content object.

To create a new notification, tap the "+" button:

Notification - Add 1.png

Notifications can be sent immediately, or scheduled to send at a specific date & time. They can also be targeted at one of four possible groups of Consumers:

  • All Users
  • Subscribers
  • Expired Subscribers
  • Non-Subscribers

The distinction between an "expired" subscriber and a "non" subscriber is that an expired subscriber was at one point a subscriber but is no longer subscribed, whereas a "non" subscriber is a user who has never been a subscriber.

The specific mobile platform (Apple or Google) can also be selected:

Notification - Add 2.png



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