The Brands page shows the brands that have been added to the current workspace:


How to Use

Brands are the level within the configuration hierarchy where most settings are placed. Brands contain the Sections that define the structure of your applications. Content is placed within those sections. Brands also include Integrations, monetization settings for AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD, design settings, and the per-platform configurations that control which apps will be generated. Each brand can be used to generate a complete set of apps.

A single brand is created automatically when your workspace is initially provisioned. To add a new brand, visit the Brands page and tap the "+" button:

Brands - Add.png

You can edit an existing brand to set the website URL that is associated with your brand, and to change the number of concurrent streams that are allowed per Consumer.

Brand - Edit.png

Brands contain one or more Regions:

Regions (1).png

See the Regions documentation for more information.

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